Release date: 25 June 2013


La leggenda della pianista

Ennio Morricone

La leggenda della pianista

In the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the concert, we wanted to pay tribute to the person of Prof. Franco Di Silverio founder of Mu.T.A.C. Museum of arts and traditions in Picciano, presenting for the first time the integral video recording of this particular event, born from the fraternal friendship between Franco Di Silverio and Ennio Morricone.

The live recording took place during the concert, it is just the reproduction of the evening, made ​​with a single camera, whose purpose was to show to the audience, close up of the execution of Professor Gilda Buttà.

The movie quality is not good, but being able to retrieve this footage that we thought to have lost, because the video recording was not planned for the concert, turns out to be an important document for the familiarity and availability that the Maestro Morricone had given in the evening, as if it were a concert among friends (and actually was), which happens rarely.

Also of particular importance is the presence in the video recording, of an additional track which was not included in the CD version made ​​in 2003, being granted an encore by Maestro Morricone and Professor Buttà, at the request of the audience.

The best music of Morricone is recorded on this CD and DVD, the famous themes from METTI UNA SERA A CENA, INDAGINE SU UN CITTADINO, NUOVO CINEMA PARADISO and the World Premiere Piano suite of LA LEGGENDA DEL PIANISTA SULL'OCEANO (900), and also music as RAG IN FRANTUMI and QUATTRO STUDI PER PIANO-FORTE. And also two Bonus Tracks in witch Ennio Morricone speaks and explains his music to the audience.

01. Ennio Morricone speaks (4:27) 

02. Quattro studi per piano-forte 1 (4:11) 

03. Quattro studi per piano-forte 2 (3:25) 

04. Quattro studi per piano-forte 3 (4:28) 

05. Quattro studi per piano-forte 4 (4:04)

06. Ennio Morricone explains (5:35) 

07. Rag in frantumi (4:44) 

08. Love Affair (2:27) 

09. Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (2:14)
10. Cane bianco (3:41) 

11. Stark sistem (2:09) 

12. Indagine su un cittadino (2:54)

13. Metti una sera a cena (4:00) 

14. Il deserto dei tartari (3:06) 

15. Le due stagioni della vita (2:22) 

16. Gott mit uns (2:28) 

17. Il potere degli angeli (2:48)
18. Nocturne with no moon (4:41) 

19. Portraits (3:00) 
20. Tarantella in terza classe (1:34) 

21. Playing Love (2:18) 

22. Moto perpetuo (1:50)