Will be available September 29th the new productions of Made in Italy by Carlo Rustichelli and Scusi, Lei รจ favorevole o contrario? by Piero Piccioni.

Will be available May 26 the new LP + CD collectors series of POLIZIOTTO SPRINT music by Stelvio Cipriani, also available in CD version limited edition. In the same day will be available the double CD of the Digitmovies Peplum Series I SETTE GLADIATORI music by Marcello Giombini

A video from our cinema section, about the screenings of THE HATEFUL EIGHT movie in 70mm format.

One of our last production, from the OST SENTENZA DI MORTE, Guitar Game, music composed by Maestro Gianni Ferrio. See more on our audio page or on Soundclod.

Available the beta version of the Digitmovies Media Catalog. All the project will be available in the last period of 2017