Fun Facts of Movie

Very rare Italian horror anthology from 1994, starring amongst many others, Asia Argento. This Italian movie is an anthology based with no linking material, only that all of the stories have a horror/suspense/surreal theme. The stories are diverse, ranging from routine stories with twist-endings to social satire. The directing styles are equally as eclectic – compare the frenetic Peter Jackson-style opening segment, Our Guys Are Coming to the surrealistic, dreamlike qualities of Outlook.

Cast & Crew

Alessandro Haber

Regista (segment "Arrivano i nostri")

Marco Manetti

Primo Alieno (segment "Arrivano i nostri")

Andrea Prandstraller

Secondo Alieno (segment "Arrivano i nostri")

Antonio Manetti

Terzo Alieno (segment "Arrivano i nostri")

Alberto Rossi

Nicola (segment "Consegna a domicilio")

Gloria Sirabella

Francesca (segment "Consegna a domicilio")

Giampaolo Genovesi

Uomo delle Consegne (segment "Consegna a domicilio")

Patrizia Sacchi

Antiquario (segment "Consegna a domicilio")

Asia Argento

Alessia (segment "Consegna a domicilio")

Stefano Abbati

Boris (segment "Just Another Vampire Story")

Cesare Bocci

Dan (segment "Just Another Vampire Story")

Pierfrancesco Loche

Michele (segment "La TV fa male ai bambini?")

Claudia Pozzi

Nadia (segment "La TV fa male ai bambini?")

Marco Carlaccini

Speaker Tv (segment "La TV fa male ai bambini?")

Valentina Corvi

Grazia (segment "La TV fa male ai bambini?")
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