Fun Facts of Movie

A refugee Soviet scientist arrives at a desert airport carrying secret documents, but is attacked by a pair of KGB assassins and escapes into the desert, where he comes in range of an American nuclear test and is transformed into a mindless killing beast.


Cast & Crew

Tor Johnson

Joseph Javorsky

Bing Stafford

Patrolman Jim Archer

Larry Aten

Patrolman Joe Dobson

Douglas Mellor

Hank Radcliffe

Barbara Francis

Lois Radckiffe

Alan Francis

Mike, also called Art, Radcliffe

Ronald Francis

Randy Radcliffe

Coleman Francis

Narrator / Gas Station Attendant / Newspaper Customer

Anthony Cardoza

KGB Driver / Fat Man in Rescue Plane

John Morrison

KGB Agent with Mustache

Jim Miles

Javorsky's Aide

Jim Oliphant

The Stranded Motorist

Linda Bielema

The Stranded Motorist's Wife

George Principe

The Passing Motorist

Marcia Knight

Jim's Woman (uncredited)


Austin McKinney

Assistant Director


Austin McKinney

Production Supervisor

Bing Stafford

Associate Producer

Larry Aten

Associate Producer



John Cagle

Director of Photography

Costume & Make-Up

Larry Aten

Makeup Artist
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