Fun Facts of Movie

A couple assassins are taking a job which will bring the whole world in disorder.


Cast & Crew

Matthias Keller

Perverso (voice)

Heiko Grauel

Chung Ho (voice)

Bernd M. Nieschalk

Masken Mann (voice)

Linus Kraus

Karl (voice)

Gilles Karolyi

Christoph (voice)

Bodo Henkel

Big Boss (voice)

Gordon Piedesack

Sergio Profit (voice)

Michael Che Koch

2 Face (voice)

Karen Schulz-Vobach

Chantal (voice)

Beatrice Fargo

Ms. Croco (voice)

Horst Kurth

Helipilot (voice)

Thomas Danneberg

Sly Stone (voice)

Bettina Zech

Jenna Jamson (voice)

Phillipp Gorges

Soldat (voice)

Patrick Holtheuser

Soldat (voice)


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