Fun Facts of Movie

Vincent and Mathias are two friends, in their thirties, who live off Vincent’s father. One day, during a meal where the wine and talk both flow a little too freely, Vincent’s father offers the two friends a bet. If they can survive seven days and seven nights in Paris with just seven Euros in their pocket, he will pay off all of their debts. If not, they will have to learn to fend for themselves. Confident of their abilities to survive in the jungle that is Paris, Vincent and Mathias willingly accept the offer, but soon regret doing so…

Cast & Crew

Patrick Mille

Vincent Larchet

Guillaume Gallienne

Mathias Warkhevytch

Olivia Magnani

Alessia Massari

Sophie Cattani

Christine Moretti


la mère de Mathias

Guy Bedos

le père de Vincent




Crystel Fournier

Director of Photography



Jean-Marc Tran Tan Ba

Production Design

Costume & Make-Up

Sonia Philouze

Costume Design
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