The Necro Files 2

200369 min,

Fun Facts of Movie

Murder runs deep in the Logan family. The brother of the maniac (turned zombie) in THE NECRO FILES becomes a crazed cannibal rapist and unwittingly reanimates his evil brother’s corpse as a flesh-eating zombie rapist! Together, the pair go on a berserk killing spree in the streets of Seattle! Detectives Sloane and Manners investigate the grisly murders in this over the top sequel to the original cult classic, loaded with sick humor, nudity and gore.

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Cast & Crew

Isaac Cooper

Logan / Zombie / Drug Dealer

Steve Sheppard

Detective Martin Manners

Gary Browning

Detective Orville Sloane

Greg Lewis

Greg Logan

Taylor St. Claire

Taylor / Greg Flashback Kill #3

Rose Algren

Camper / Dial-A-Hooker #1

Lydia McLane

Dial-A-Hooker #2

Mandie Swart

Topless Punkette

Liza Harper

Greg Flashback Kill #2


Greg Flashback Kill #1

Amber Thirteen

Greg Flashback Kill #4


Ron Carlo



Ron Carlo

Director of Photography


Ron Carlo

Sound Designer

Visual Effects

Ron Carlo

Visual Effects Supervisor


Ron Carlo

Production Designer

Todd Tjersland

Casting Director

Isaac Cooper

Production Assistant

Steve Sheppard

Associate Producer



Steve Sheppard

Transportation Captain
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