Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth

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Fun Facts of Movie

Once again someone from the future has come back to create an army of Trancers, human zombies who do what they’re told without question or pause. Now officer Jack Deth, a cop from the future stranded in the past, must once again go forth to stop them. This sci-fi action sequel chronicles his courageous actions as he struggles to save the future. His difficulties are compounded when his boss sends his first wife back from the future to help Deth who has unfortunately, married a 20th-century girl.


Cast & Crew


Scott Thomson

First Assistant Director


Richard Band

Music Supervisor

Mark Ryder

Original Music Composer

Phil Davies

Original Music Composer

Pat Siciliano

Music Supervisor


Charles Band

Original Story

Danny Bilson


Paul De Meo



Adolfo Bartoli

Director of Photography


Chuck Borden

Stunt Coordinator
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