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In a filthy, cramped prison, some inmates must submit to injustices perpetrated by the head of the guards and his tormentors. Above them all, however, is the Judge, whom no one has ever seen: feared by both inmates and guards, he imposes the laws to be obeyed. The prisoners know the rules to follow but remember nothing of their lives; they know only the evil they have done to get there. Almost out of nowhere, a new prisoner joins the company: Princess. She is a beautiful woman, covered only by a fur coat of raven feathers…

Cast & Crew




Ivan Zuccon

Camera Operator

Dario Magasso

Still Photographer


Costume & Make-Up

Visual Effects

Luca Auletta

Visual Effects


Danilo Carignola

Makeup Effects

Elena Sardelli

Makeup Effects


Antonio Masiero

Sound Designer
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